On The Real World 1:1 Mapping Virtual Land
With Local Contents


KEES allows you to teleport anywhere in the world with a simple act of moving a Pin, not only in our neighborhood but also to any region, witnessing the most vivid daily lives across the globe. Through Shorts videos of pinned areas, you can see the diverse information and people living there, communicate with them, and even become friends.
In KEES, the main content consists of sincere and simple videos uploaded by ordinary people like me, without being sensational. This stands in stark contrast to the ostentatious boasting, vanity, and highly addictive Shorts that are currently causing a sense of relative deprivation in society.
These are raw contents with the power of true empathy that can give courage to each other, without being sensational. That's what KEES Shorts videos embody.
KEES Shorts carry the power of "strength from ordinary daily life."
KEES is a 'HYPER LOCAL SNS' created for location-based content activities, social networking, and cultural-economic activities, taking place on virtual land (KUBIC) that matches reality 1:1.


On the virtual land of KUBIC, which is connected to the real world,
communication occurs globally through location-based content,
enabling the realization of cultural and economic values in a tangible manner.


Check out and share
location information-based
videos(contents) that contain our
daily lives.

If you insert a pin on the map,
you can see images around the pin.
You can also register a video by inserting
a pin in the desired location.


If the KUBIC corresponding to
the location of the registered video
does not have an owner, try getting
50 likes to own the KUBIC.

Among the videos registered in KUBIC,
the creator of the video that reaches
50 likes first will own KUBIC.
If you have trouble reaching 50 likes,
you can purchase it through payment.


Of course, you can purchase KUBIC
with points and realize profits through
sales and auctions.

Points can be used after charging
within the service, and sales
and auctions of owned KUBIC are currently
only possible on the website
( and are also
being applied to the KEES app.


LBS Shorts, obtain information immediately
and sensuously through photos

Information, fun, relationships, and
communication centered on my location

Region-based Communication,
Community (But Globally)

If you just move the pin, not only in your neighborhood, but also in
other neighborhoods and even foreign neighborhoods...

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X-WORLD, Virtual Life Crossed With
Real Life & Beyond Real World

Ultimately, what we aim to achieve with KEES is to enhance the service
to allow for communication and cultural-economic activities
on the virtual land of KUBIC, connected to reality,
and to enable creators to engage in various 3D space creation
and creative activities on KUBIC in the future.

We have deeply considered the limitations of existing
metaverse platforms, recognizing that metaverses solely focused
on transient events or sensational experiences struggle
to sustainably deliver continuous and realistic benefits.

The vision of KEES is to empower anyone
on the 2D virtual land of KUBIC, connected to reality,
to create content and communicate with users worldwide,
and in KEES2, to build their own 3D spaces on KUBIC,
forming communities and engaging in diverse cultural
and economic activities.
Through generative AI and proprietary AI, users are enabled to create(manually or automatically) 3D assets and construct buildings, structures, and natural elements in their "My World" using the KEES Builder. This phase is referred to as KEES2.

Again, emphasizing, KEES unfolds on the virtual land 'KUBIC' connected to the Real World, providing sustainable and tangible value. In KEES2, the 2D virtual land serves as a bridge to the Real World for practical cultural-economic activities, and on top of that, a limitless 3D world is realized where reality and imagination coexist, opening up new possibilities.

While existing popular metaverse platforms have attracted user interest as new experiences, unfortunately, many of them are declining without maintaining sustainability. The limited adoption of VR, high costs, and lack of diverse content have exacerbated the decline of virtual worlds.

As doubts about the future of the metaverse grow due to the decline of such platforms, AI is emerging as a promising technology in real-world applications. Our stance is to first establish a platform where various activities can take place on the 2D virtual land of KUBIC, connected to reality, accumulate expertise and technology through AI, and consider cost control while preparing for the 3D world.

In KEES2, famous 3D spaces will be created, and popular virtual real estate where many people gather will be formed. This is more attractive as it is connected to real-world land, and even land with low interest in reality can become valuable based on efforts, and there will be opportunities to recreate the value of real-world land influenced by this.

If, for example, certain KUBICs are greatly valued by specific creators in KEES, even if they were of low value in reality, similar configurations of those virtual spaces could be created in reality, fostering growth both online and offline.

Through the X-World where reality and virtual space intersect, in the era of KEES2 where generating revenue is natural, a wider range of creations and occupations can be created than now.

As KEES is not a mere fantasy or an abstract concept disconnected from reality but is connected to reality, it will become a sustainable model, growing into a platform where ordinary users can fulfill dreams that may not be achievable in reality.

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