On The Real World 1:1 Mapping Virtual Land
With Local Contents


KEES teleports user not only to our neighborhood but
to anywhere in the world with a simple act of moving the Pin.
This will allow you to see the most vivid daily life of the world.
Through the Short videos of the area where the Pin is located,
you can access various information of the area, see how people live,
communicate, and become friends with them.
KEES content is mainly composed of sincere and
simple videos posted by ordinary people without being irritating.
This is different from the showing off, vain and addictive Shorts,
which are now causing social problems.
KEES's Short video content is sincere and has the power of
real empathy to give each other courage without provoking.
KEES is a location-based content activity which include
social networking and cultural economic activities,
'HYPER LOCAL SNS' is a place of virtual land mapped
1:1 over The Real World.


Virtual land KUBIC connected to the real world,
We communicate globally through location-based content
Realizing cultural and economic values.


Watch and share
location information-based
video (content) that
contain our daily life.

Put a pin on the map to see
the videos around the pin.
You can also upload videos by
placing a pin at a desired location.


If the KUBIC location of the
uploaded video does not have
an owner, get 50 likes to
own the KUBIC.

Among the videos uploaded within KUBIC,
the creator of the video who achieves
50 likes first will own the KUBIC.
If it's difficult to achieve 50 likes, you can
also purchase them through payment.


Of course, you can buy KUBIC with
gold credit, You can also make profit
by reselling and auctioning.

Gold credit can be used after charging
within the app and web services
Sales and auctions of KUBIC
are currently available only
on the website( It will also
be applied to the KEES app. very soon.


LBS Shorts, obtain information immediately
and sensuously through photos

Information, fun, relationships, and
communication centered on my location

Region-based Communication,
Community (But Globally)

If you just move the pin, not only in your neighborhood, but also in
other neighborhoods and even foreign neighborhoods...

구글플레이에서 다운로드 앱스토어에서 다운로드

X-WORLD, Virtual Life Crossed With
Real Life & Beyond Real World

Ultimately, what we want to do at KEES is advance the service
so the people can become creators who can create various 3D spaces
and have creative activities on KUBIC in the future,
and have creative activities on KUBIC in the future,
economic activities on KUBIC, a virtual land connected to reality.

We thought a lot about the limitations of the existing
metaverse and we judged that the biggest limitation is that the metaverse
is pursuing only one-time events or stimulating experiences
is difficult to have persistence and does not
lead to continuous and realistic benefits.

KEES's vision is that anyone can create
content on 2D virtual land KUBIC connected to reality
and communicate with users around the world based on it.
In KEES2, everyone can create their own 3D space on KUBIC in
2026 and 2027 and everyone can create content there.
The goal is to form a community and engage
in various cultural and economic activities.
Through Generative AI and its own AI, users will be able to create their own 3D assets (automatically build their own 3D world) by using KEES Builder that enables the construction of My World, such as buildings, structures, and nature. We call this step KEES2.

To emphasize again, KEES develops all of this based on a virtual land 'KUBIC' linked to the Real World and provides sustainable value. In KEES2, 2D connects with the Real World and performs practical cultural and economic activities, Furthermore, it’s a 3D world where you can think of infinite imaginations, A new world unfolds where the realms of reality and imagination coexist.

Existing popular metaverse platforms have been able to attract users' attention with new experiences but unfortunately they are fading away without maintaining persistence.

The limited entry of VR, high cost and lack of diverse content have declined the virtual world Decline of such metaverse platforms increases doubts about the future of the metaverse but AI is emerging as a promising technology in actual application field.

Although KEES is currently 2D, it is the initial platform for various activities on the virtual land KUBIC that connects to reality, It is our stance to prepare for the 3D world while accumulating know-how and technology through AI and considering cost control.

In KEES2, famous 3D spaces will be created and popular virtual real estate will be formed where many people gather. This is more attractive because it is connected to real land and land that lacks interest in reality can become valuable depending on the effort and under the influence, there will also be opportunities to re-create value in real land.

If in reality, the land was priceless but if the KUBIC in KEES were made very valuable on a specific topic by a specific creator, the virtual space could be constructed similar in real life to allow both online and offline to grow together.

In the era of KEES2 where it becomes possible to generate profit through X-World, where reality and virtual space intersect, more diverse creation and jobs can be created.

KEES will become a sustainable model because it is connected to the real world, not science fiction or an abstract concept far from reality. KEES will grow into a platform where ordinary users can achieve dreams that cannot be achieved in reality.

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