People & Culture
Underpin, Inc.
Collectively Extraordinary Performance From
Ordinary People

Underpin is
a place where
each member
can work according
to their innate nature.

We believe that people can release the greatest concentration and
energy when they live according to their natural born character and talent.
If you allow those natures to be fused with the whole, the fused energy will cause fusion.
Underpin is a company where each member can find the things
that they can best immerse themselves in and do themselves well. Underpin, Inc is such a company.

A company
that creates
where each
member can
their potential

We are growing into a company with a culture and system of
talented people that allows anyone with passion and perseverance to
unleash their potential without being bound by past academic backgrounds or career backgrounds.
The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace.
It is impossible to come up with all the change-leading ideas and strategies from just a few members.
In this reality, it is the belief that change is possible from
the voluntary and passionate mindset of each member.
In the end, that mindset can only be formed by equipping themselves with
what you enjoy the most and doing what you are good at and
working with your colleagues to align it with the direction of the company and proceed with it.
Each member is important. We believe that everything starts with each and every one of us,
and enormous strength comes from the solidarity of the whole.
A company that is passionate but easy-going, knows that what I do will surely contribute to the nest,
and the perception that I am essential to the nest.
A company that creates that environment together with each person.
This is the image of the company that we are aiming for and making, ‘nest’.
Nest : A place where we can share each other's shoulders,
where we can share not only the image of a company working and
earning salaries or economic gains, but also the lives of each and every member,
to double the joy and halve the sorrow and pain. are making Internally,
the term ‘nest’ is used internally to create a warm, cozy, and dependable place to
live rather than the concept of a company.

Underpin is
a company where
people with sincerity
and passion
can grow
and succeed

Underpin is a growing company.
This is because it is a gathering place for people
with high self-esteem who have their own ability to
meet their job demands.
Talent is not judged by a brilliant career or background,
but by passion and sincerity from overcome
the past and actively pioneer the future.
We want people with a strong sense of self-esteem,
respect for their colleagues, and who
have the ability to grow and develop together.
It is a comfortable place for those who are thirsty for learning,
thirsty for rightness, and thirsty for vision.

Core Value






Underpin 3 Wise WordsAttitude towards relationships and situations

Bad luck often brings good luck
Courage to turn a bad situation into a situation of opportunity or victory
Wisdom to know that something else is hidden behind a phenomenon
Put yourself in someone else's shoes
Habit of looking from the other person's point of view

The right people for Underpin, Inc.