Established in 2018, Underpin, Inc.
was selected as a “Korea Innovation Center Silicon Valley”
company by the Ministry of Science and ICT,
selected as a “Seoul Fintech Lab” company by the Seoul Metropolitan Government,
and “Korea Fintech Center Leaders Lab” company by the Financial Services Commission.
It is a global platform company supported by the Korean government both in name and reality.

We have expertise in AI and
experience in service operation, and equipped with Communication-Tech and
Metaverse technology, we are operating the first project,
“Korea’s national K-Culture platform, KEES” service.



  • 2K-Beauty Industry Association relationship partnership with Vietnam.
  • 1Strategic partnership agreement with NGO Medair.
  • 1KEES_Ver 1.0.


  • 9KEES_HYPER LOCAL SNS(with virtual land & LBS contents) beta.
  • 4KEES_LBS Shorts Video SNS beta.
  • 3LBS Short Video Engine completed.


  • 12KEES_SNS function alpha version completed.
  • 11KEESverse tech demo video open.
  • 10KEES_SNS development.
  • 8Metaverse 3D Asset Platform Business planning.
  • 7Unreal Based Metaverse(KEESverse) development.


  • 12Signed an MOU with Hancom Frontis to establish a K-Culture global metaverse.
  • 11Global service 'KEES' version 1.0 RC.
  • 9Signed the main contract to build a global online shopping mall in Dongdaemun Fashion Town.
  • 8Pivoting service 'KEES' planning and development started.
  • 8Selected as the first tenant in the ‘Seoul Fintech Lab’ hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for 3 consecutive years.
  • 5Secured 100,000 global subscribers without marketing for our own service, 'Fanzy'


  • 6Venture business certification, MAU 120,000 achieved.
  • 5Selected as a participating company in the online Korea Fintech Week 2020 Startup Pavilion.
  • 4The maximum number of concurrent users is 20,000, and MAU is 30,000.
    Signed an MOU for the joint development and provision of Crypto financial derivatives.
  • 3Signed a contract with BTX Capital, a Singapore corporation that provides crypto financial services and funds.
  • 1OnProtocol and FANZY beta service launched.


  • 9"Seoul Fintech Lab" 2nd occupancy company created and operated by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • 8Selected as an overseas business by the Fintech Center Korea.
  • 2FANZY beta service and OnProtocol beta mainnet released.


  • 9Partnership with Facebook in the US as a TRT program hosted by KIC Silicon Valey, AI technology and business collaboration for the FANZY business.
  • 6Selected as an excellent company in TCB technology.
  • 5Established Underpin,Inc. as a corporation.


  • 10Established private company Underpin Selected as a Startup4.0 project by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • 9~8 Deep learning speech recognition engine production project.
  • 6Establishment of private company Underpin.


  • 12NVIDIA AI Sessions Announced.
  • 7Patent application for artificial intelligence task management algorithm.
  • 2~ November 2017 Developed an artificial intelligence task management solution based on instant messages.