Established in 2018, Underpin, Inc.
was selected as a “Korea Innovation Center Silicon Valley”
company by the Ministry of Science and ICT,
selected as a “Seoul Fintech Lab” company by the Seoul Metropolitan Government,
and “Korea Fintech Center Leaders Lab” company by the Financial Services Commission.
It is a global platform company supported by the Korean government both in name and reality.

We have expertise in AI and Blockchain and
experience in service operation, and equipped with Communication-Tech and
Metaverse technology, we are operating the first project,
“Korea’s national K-Culture platform, KEES” service.



  • 12Signed an MOU with Hancom Frontis to establish a K-Culture global metaverse.
  • 11Global service 'KEES' version 1.0 RC.
  • 9Signed the main contract to build a global online shopping mall in Dongdaemun Fashion Town.
  • 8Pivoting service 'KEES' planning and development started.
  • 8Selected as the first tenant in the ‘Seoul Fintech Lab’ hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for 3 consecutive years.
  • 5Secured 100,000 global subscribers without marketing for our own service, 'Fanzy'


  • 6Venture business certification, MAU 120,000 achieved.
  • 5Selected as a participating company in the online Korea Fintech Week 2020 Startup Pavilion.
  • 4The maximum number of concurrent users is 20,000, and MAU is 30,000.
    Signed an MOU for the joint development and provision of Crypto financial derivatives.
  • 3Signed a contract with BTX Capital, a Singapore corporation that provides crypto financial services and funds.
  • 1OnProtocol and FANZY beta service launched.


  • 9"Seoul Fintech Lab" 2nd occupancy company created and operated by Seoul Metropolitan Government.
  • 8Selected as an overseas business by the Fintech Center Korea.
  • 5Selected as the only blockchain company in the 3rd phase of Leaders Lab of Fintech Center Korea.
    Established to purchase some products of the gift show with Fanzy tokens through business partnership with KT mhows.
  • 3Introduced as one of the top 10 notable blockchain operators in the Asia-Pacific region in 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook, a media in Silicon Valley.
  • 2FANZY beta service and OnProtocol beta mainnet released.


  • 11As a TRT program hosted by KIC Silicon Valey, partnership with Washington University and W comotion, blockchain technology and business collaboration.
  • 10Selected as the 4th Industrial Revolution K-Startup 30 in the "4th Industrial Revolution Future Job Creation Case and Creation Contest" hosted by Daeje Jin, Chairman of the Korea Blockchain Association.
  • 9Partnership with Facebook in the US as a TRT program hosted by KIC Silicon Valey, AI technology and business collaboration for the FANZY business.
  • 8Messenger-based natural language processing artificial intelligence algorithm patent registration.
    Selected as a participant in Global X-Road sponsored by Korea Creative Content Agency and Venture Square.
    Selected in both the blockchain sector and the artificial intelligence sector for the TRT program hosted by KIC Sillicon Valey under the Ministry of Science and ICT(It is unusual and the first time that it has been selected both, and in the blockchain field, Underpin is the only one selected in Korea)
  • 6Selected as an excellent company in TCB technology.
  • 5Established Underpin,Inc. as a corporation.
  • 1Construction of blockchain testnet, FANZY alpha version technology and service verification started.


  • 11~ May 2018 Internal and external blockchain technology research.
  • 10Established private company Underpin Selected as a Startup4.0 project by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • 9~8 Deep learning speech recognition engine production project.
  • 8~ May 2018 Internal and external block chain technology research.
  • 6Establishment of private company Underpin.


  • 12NVIDIA AI Sessions Announced.
  • 7Patent application for artificial intelligence task management algorithm.
  • 2~ November 2017 Developed an artificial intelligence task management solution based on instant messages.